Friday, 4 July 2014

River Runs Deep Lyrics

Yo I once knew a man, he started off a boy
His whole damn life he never really been employed
He was only 19 had a chance to go to college
Try out his luck to see if he could gain knowledge

Think about your life or whatever you call it
Now he’s just a cluck dead broke alcoholic
Used to keep a picture of his girl in his wallet
Think about your life or whatever you would call it

He walk home late 'cuz the city don’t sleep
He was only 19 but the river runs deep
Wrote raps in his head so he didn’t really speak
About the crushed up pills that he took in one week

One week turned to 2 2 weeks turned to 4
Now long term addiction knocking at his door
Starting losing weight coming late looking drunk and
His family and friends said he was up to something

Got to the point where he couldn’t even function
Calling up his dealer begging give me something
I just got evicted I ain't got nothing
The dealer was a prick his reply was reluctant

I can get you high off the shit no body fuck with
Even all the fiends know better than to touch it
He was 19 begging please give me something
Said to the kid I don’t know if you can trust it

But I got a lot so push it to the public
Watch out for the cops and rats on some thug shit
Here’s for your protection lending you this pistol
Pretending it was pure but he knew that it was crystal

Looked like shards of glass and I hope this ain't a issue
Plus if you snitch well your mother gonna miss you
Now he’s lost his path school and direction
Kicked out his pad after land lord inspection

All he ever had was his rhymes and a dream
Now he’s living on the streets at the age of 19
Feel the meth in his lungs and the son starts to tweak
Never saw 21 y'all the river runs deep